“Every once in awhile a dog enters your life and changes everything…”

Non-Profit  Organization
Boomer’s Angels Animal Rescue & Care is a 501C3 and was formed to give as many homeless and downtrodden animals the brightest future possible.

Boomer’s Angels Animal Rescue & Care was formed to give as many homeless and downtrodden animals the brightest future possible.

Our mission is to see as many needy animals as possible have the best quality of life imaginable.

In rescue, we get to see lives of sadness turned to joy and loneliness turned into companionship. Such a bittersweet success story is one about a dog named Boomer. In late September of 2012, we were contacted regarding a stray dog living in the woods at a recycling center that had recently given birth to a litter of puppies. Apparently she had been living there all alone, outdoors, surviving on occasional handouts from the workers for at least three years. The dog, a female Pit bull mix, was nervous and would take food, but wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her. Naturally there was concern for her and her puppies and we hatched a plan to catch them as quickly as possible.

Over two trips to the site, three six week old puppies were found and taken to the safety of a foster home. Their mother remained a much more difficult task. Nervous and wary of strangers, she would take food from a distance but no one could get close to her. We knew that bringing this girl into the safety of the rescue would be a long process. There were many trips over the following nine weeks, taking food (she loved chicken nuggets) and just sitting and waiting for her to appear from her home in the woods.

As Fall turned to Winter concerns grew for this homeless girl and the visits became more frequent. A humane trap had been set but she was a clever lady, always avoiding the plate that would spring the door shut.

A shelter made from a crate with a straw bed for warmth was left for her and she began to use it. Slowly we gained the trust of this lonely dog until finally we were able to lure her into a crate and quickly shut the door. She was taken to the vet and a general check up revealed that she had Lyme disease but otherwise, at that time, she was a seemingly healthy girl.

What amazed us more than anything is that once caught, this dog’s ability to trust and feel comfortable had exceeded our wildest dreams. As she experienced the comforts of coming in out of the cold, she showed so much affection, as if to say thanks for the effort. Within a day of being rescued, after years of solitude, she was proudly sporting a winter coat for her walks. She touched everyone she met. She was simply amazing.

Sadly, shortly after her capture, we noticed remarkable swelling in her neck and chest. After some tests she was diagnosed with lymphoma. It took her very quickly from us after her diagnosis. Although her time with us was way too short, she left a legacy that we are compelled to make sure lives on.

This is what rescue is about. Please help us in our mission to give animals like Boomer a brighter future.






























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