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Foster Pet Deductions Allowed

Great news for all foster parents and anyone interested in joining an animal welfare group’s foster care program!

The IRS will now recognize all costs related to fostering dogs and cats for approved animal rescue non-profits. The foster care essentials like pet food, nursing supplies, medicines, veterinary bills, and crates can all be considered deductible as long as they are being used for the foster care pets.






A Foster Story

This is a story about how just 1 person can make a huge difference in the lives of innocent abandoned animals.  Lets not forget all the people involved in the beginning by cross posting information, providing transportation and rescue funds that got the ball rolling to save 9 lives.  Thank you to all the people that were involved in saving these fur babies and giving them very happy forever homes.

Caitlin is now one of Boomer’s Angels Volunteer.  We are very lucky to have her working with our rescue.  Thank you very much!

My Foster Story    by Caitlin

I received an email through a friend regarding a mother and her litter of lab mix puppies found under a trailer park in Alabama and rescued by a family who were not wealthy enough to care for them. So rather than placing into a high kill shelter in the South. The email stated that the rescues had transportation to PA but no foster family arranged to care for the mother and 8 puppies.

At the time I was looking into perhaps adopting a large dog (already had small poodle mix) but wanted to make sure whatever dog I was adopting was compatible with my dog, Belle. Fostering seemed like the way to go.

After reading the email, I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to help not only 1 dog, but 9 dogs as well as have the option of 9 dogs to see which got along best with Belle.  It was only about a month into moving into my new house when I made the decision to foster. Although it put a hold on unpacking and house projects, I was so grateful I did it. Not only was it a great workout keeping up with 10 dogs but I found the perfect dog to get along with Belle. As much as I loved these puppies, it was Ali now known as “Sammie” Adams (had to name her after a beer so the boyfriend agreed to keep her) who won my heart. Not only was she nurturing to Belle as if Belle were one of her own but her dedication to please and love for me was unconditional.

I was able to find the perfect homes for all 8 of the puppies, whom were known as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by friends, family and neighbors. Till this day, I still keep in touch with the adoptive families as well as have puppy play dates where Sammie can reunite with her babies.


Pup’s first day at my house…


Ali (Sam) First Day


Belle & Sam Today